Bonner Gospel Mission Admission Statement|
5 Days Good Samaritan Ministry

You are welcomed to the Mission if:

  1. You agree not to consume or bring onto mission property and into buildings, any alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, including marijuana, and not to return under the influence of any such substances, or you will be asked to leave, returning the next day (sober) to collect your belongings.
  2. You do not smoke, chew, or spit tobacco in the buildings.
  3. You conduct yourself respectfully with no swearing, fighting, etc.
  4. You do not bring in weapons of any kind.
  5. You agree that failing to obey the rules, or demonstrating an attitude that causes divisiveness or discord will result in disciplinary action. No two situations are exactly alike, and will be handled on an individual basis.
  6. You take a shower on the day you check-in. All showers are limited to 5 minutes only.
  7. You do not bring pornographic, satanic, or occult materials including pictures. All reading materials brought into this mission must be approved by a Director.

Things you should know about the Mission

  1. Each morning breakfast is served at 6:30AM to all who are assigned a bed.
  2. One hour of chores will be assigned for each night’s stay. Chores completed unsatisfactorily may result in NO BED.
  3. No Admittance to the Mission after 7:00PM Curfew.
  4. Chapel 7:00–8:00 AM M-F & 6:00-7:00PM M-Th.  Attendance is required if you are not working and want to qualify for a longer stay. If asked to leave for any reason you may loose your stay.
  5. Modest clothing and sleepwear are required. Any questionable attire is to be cleared by the director.
  6. There will be absolutely NO PANHANDLING allowed.
  7. All visitors on mission property must be scheduled and supervised. See Director or Assistant.
  8. Turn in all medication.
  9. All vehicles must have registration with proof of insurance.
  10. You may be drug/alcohol tested at any time.
  11. All electronic devises must be authorized by a Director only. Cell phones turned in at 7PM.
  12. No food or drink in the Dorm. Permission needed from a director for food in Day Room.
  13. No pets of any kind on premises.
  14. Guests wake up 6:00AM Breakfast 6:30AM Lunch: Noon Dinner 5:00PM Curfew: 7:00PM Sharp


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