We have a request ... 

God has blessed us with 16 beds to help over the 2,000 homeless men and women in northern Idaho. However, over the past 10 months, we have had more calls from women needing help, than men. We don't have anywhere to send them. We feel called by God to help these women and we are looking for help.

We are exploring opening a women and children’s mission. I want to continue to ask and look for those who may be interested in helping us build the ministry. We are currently exploring rental property that would house up to 10 women and children, including staff. The men's mission is self-supporting but could not support an additional mission.

We are seeking more donors outside of the donors we have for the men's shelter. We love our financial donors, they have been so faithful, so I don't want to ask more from them because they had been amazingly faithful thus far. We are praying for people who have a heart for women and children and want to give and help build a shelter for them. If you're interested in any way, please give us a call at 208-263-6698.

Many blessing,
James Noriega
Executive Director